Case Studies

This 21 million acres of unprotected arctic terrain has low climate stability, with the future climate expected to be very different from today’s. The area has lands that rank in the top percentages for carbon storage, ecological intactness, and other biodiversity values.
This roughly 123,000 acres of unprotected alpine terrain has high ecological intactness and species richness – from sage grouse to Sierra juniper. Due to its strong biodiversity values, parts of the Bodie Hills area are in the top 10% of all unprotected Bureau of Land Management lands in California based on biodiversity factors.
This vast acreage of unprotected volcanic plateau remains highly ecologically intact and plays a key role in helping species adapt to climate change. Due to its high ecological stability and climate resilience, parts of Caja del Rio are among the top 20% of unprotected BLM and Forest Service lands with the highest conservation value in the lower 48 U.S. states.