All three of the models represent numerical representations of values and objectives rather than a statistical quantification of some measurable phenomenon. The model results will depend on the exact indicators used and the relative importance values that they are assigned.

  • We have endeavored to: 1) choose a comprehensive set of indicators that reflect a range of conservation goals based on partner need and expertise, and 2) ensure that all indicators have equal influence in determining the value of the resulting index. However, we acknowledge that these decisions may not reflect the specific goals or values of all users.
  • We caution users to assess the suitability of the data for the question of interest, and to consider any scale-dependent limitations in the data that may affect their applicability or interpretation. In particular, the data resolution of the indicator layers for climate resilience and climate stability may be too coarse to evaluate finer-scale climatic variability.
  • We also acknowledge sources of potential uncertainty in the indicator layers, including variability in spatial and temporal scales and potential error in modeled pixel values.